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parent-expertStruggling students need something entirely different from traditional teaching. They need to get out of the box with optisensory learning that is based on their OptiKode™ and sync learning to them individually. The OptiKodes Academy is the one place where parents can learn the optisensory approach that their child needs to unlock their natural learning abilities.

Personalized 36-page OptiKodes Solution Kit

Only $29.00

  • Get full OptiKode Profile Reports for you and your child - Sample OK Profile
  • The Learning Shift Guide explains how to unlock your child's natural learning ability
  • Learn the 10 Terrific Tricks (Sample) to help get your child to grade level with reading this summer
  • Learn about BodyPlusLearning (linkfor active children
  •  Access our Academy Video Library for demonstrations, learning tools, and fun techniques
  • Excite reading and writing in your child with the 'Summer Playlist' of learning tools 

To get started, complete FREE assessments for:

 There is no obligation for taking these FREE assessments. The assessments will show you how your innate learning process is different from your child's learning process. To get your personalized 36-page OptiKodes Solution Kit and access to over 60 demonstration videos for only $29.00, begin by taking the free assessments.

Is This How Your Child Learns?

Knowing what to do with this insight produces amazing results at home and at school.

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Message From Our Founder

Message From Our Founder

Kimberley Blackburn explains how OptiKodes change lives for parents and struggling students.

The OptiKodes Answer

The OptiKodes Answer

Save your child from being left behind in a school system that is geared toward traditional learning.